• The Ri4Power, Modular range of equipment with rated current up to 6300A is part of the extensive range of Low Voltage Motor Control Center equipment.

    The smart and simple design is fully type tested as per IEC 60439-1 & IEC 61439-2 and certified by an independent test laboratory (KEMA).

    Cubicles which comprise of Incomers, Starters, Feeders, and Distribution are designed for flush front or back to back arrangements. An equipment zone of (height x depth x width) 2000 x 600 x 600mm forms the basis of the cubicle design, to which a cable compartment can be added for either top or bottom cable access.

    The construction of the Ri4Power range of equipment is fully compliant with the requirements of internal separations upto Form 4,with different options of cable termination from point of entry, using a common gland plate or individual gland plates and cable boxes for each outgoing functional unit.

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