Owner : Water Authority of Jordan.
Location : Aqaba
Commissioning date : 2004/2005
Project value : Around 30 Million USD (USAID Financed)

Project description:

The main aim of the project is to rehabilitate the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant in Aqaba.

The project shall be totally controlled by a PLC base Automation and telemetry system, by utilizing GSM network for remote sites and Ethernet network for Local sites.

Supervisory monitoring and control shall be achieved by a SCADA system consisting of two PCs running SCADA server, graphic clients and database archiving, the two SCADA system will be configured in hot standby mode.

Scope of Work and Equipment Supplied:

TECO’s major role includes the implementation of the duties of the ISS to supply PLC based control, automation and telemetry system, and a PC based SCADA system in addition to the manufacturing and the supply of the low voltage
switchgear and controlgear system, including: the design, assembly, testing, installation, commissioning and operation staff training for the following:

  • 4 PLCs in the WWTP yard for local automation of the WWTP and data pollingof remote sites. A local copper network will connect these PLCs
  • 8 PLCs for remote sites for on local on site automation and remote monitoring and control. A radio GSM network will connect each of these PLCs to the main station
  • 2 PC based SCADA system, as a SCADA server and database server is concerned these computer will play as one duty and one standby running in hot standby mode, as the client graphics is concerned, the two computer will be as two separate client operator graphic
  • 2 No. of  70” monitor for operator graphic display
  • 2 Main distribution Board, withdrawable structure equipped with Automatic Transfer switches for emergency supply. The size of the first MDB is 1500 KW and the size of the other is 350 KW
  • 14 Motor Control Centers, withdrawable structure
  • 1 Sub-main Distribution board

Main Contractor Final Handing Over Letter can be downloaded from below link:

Morganti Final Handing Over Certificate.