TECO Group is proud to announce the availability of TECO SCADA Software, built in house SCADA System, code named TSS. Consist of the following components :

  • Runtime Component
  • Designer Component
  • Server Compoenent

TSS Runtime software is capable of connecting to the TSS server via three modes:

  • Local (Server and Client on the same machine)
  • Remote (Server and Client on different machines but on same network)
  • Cloud (Server and Client are in different places on the internet)

TSS Server component supports the following Industrial Protocols for communicating with remote devices:

  • Profinet (Siemens PLCs, other deivces, etc).
  • Modbus (Schneider PLCs, other devices, etc).
  • SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol for UPS, Softwares, Firewalls, Servers, etc).
  • PING: For checking the online availability of the device.
  • SQL: Executing SQL statements directly from remote databases.
  • LOCAL Tags: For generating special values and calculating items from history, etc.
  • Other protocols will be implemented upon request.

TSS Runtime component of the software supports the following:

  • User protection. Login information is programmed via the server
  • Graphing of data
  • Bar representation of analog values
  • Color changing of objects
  • Visibility changing of objects
  • Text value changing of objects (Field I/Os)
  • Alarm log (on top of screen)

With the addition of all of the above, there is an App available on store which is capable of reading the current status of the tags with push notifications for alarms if generated from the system and as programmed on the server. Plese go to this link for more information on this app.

TSS Designer component of the software supports the following:

  • Designing multiple pages for project
  • Designing runtime windows which support the user of dynamic tags (DCS functionality).
  • Selecting of the tags from the server locally, remotely or on the cloud.
  • Flexible drawing of objects with ability to store pictures in the same project.

For more information please contact us.

Startup Screen

Runtime Screen

Designer Screen