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TECO Has been in full collaboration with RITTAL since the establishment of TECO in 1980. Currently, TECO is the local agent of RITTAL products in Jordan. Panel builders can benefit from the innovative online software for design, quotation and stock real time checking for availability.

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Rittal History:

Innovation Made in Germany – The 1960s

  • 1961: Invention of the standard enclosure: AE is the very first model; foundation of Rittal
  • 1964: First Rittal agency abroad, in the Netherlands
  • 1969: Production of the large enclosure RS begins

Rapid internationalisation – the 1970s

  • 1971: First Rittal subsidiary in Sweden
  • 1974: Friedhelm Loh becomes CEO
  • 1977: Company headquarters relocated to Herborn
  • 1979: Further subsidiaries established in Europe

Expansion overseas – the 1980s

  • 1982: Introduction of the power distribution division
  • 1982: Establishment of a Rittal subsidiary with its own production site in the USA
  • 1983: Introduction of the climate control division
  • 1984: Own production site in England
  • 1985: Market launch of the new PS 4000 enclosure – becomes a global standard in just three years
  • 1988: Tapping into the future market of IT with a new product line

The big quality campaign – the 1990s

  • 1991: Start of involvement in the new German states, delivery centre in Bad Köstritz
  • 1993: Start of expansion to eastern Europe and Asia
  • 1994: Certification to ISO 9001 and 1997: ISO 14001
  • 1997: Modern forwarding warehouse in Haiger
  • 1999: Introduction of the TS 8 enclosure platform

Global standards – the new millennium

  • 2004: New RimatriX5 system solution for data centres
  • 2007: Launch of Rittal Service International
  • 2008: Consulting, products and services combined into “Rittal – The System.” based on the TS 8 system platform
  • 2011: The company’s 50th birthday; TS 8 is a global standard, with over 7.7 million units in use

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Rittal Modular Assembly in less than 5 minutes