Owner : Water Authority of Jordan.
Location : Libb village / Madaba district.
Commissioning date : 1994
Project value : 10 million JD.

Project description:

To pump fresh water from Libb reservoir (6000m³) to National park reservoir (6000m³), around 32km far from Libb at a flow rate of 2400m³ /h.
Equipment and scope:

  • 5 Pumps, 1100KW, 400VAC each, starting method is Auto-transformer starters.
  • 5 Power transformers, 2000KVA, 33/0.4 kV each, with 3200A, 4Pole incoming withdrawable ACB’s.
  • 2 Diesel generating sets, 1600KVA, 1200KW, 400V, 50Hz /each.
  • 3 Low voltage Main distribution and starter panels (Auto-transformer starters).
  • 1 Automatic synchronizing panel for the stand-by emergency generators.
  • 1 PLC based remote control and mimic panel with power management and provision for Telemetry interface.
  • 1 Hydraulic surge protection system.
  • 1 Electromagnetic Flow-meter, ND 800.
  • 1 Chlorination system.
  • Set of Ultra – sonic level transmitters, Pressure transmitters and flow transmitters.


supply, design, assembly, testing, installation, training of operational staff and commissioning of the low voltage systems complete, including; Main distribution and starters panels, remote control and mimic panel and diesel generators synchronizing panel.