Wadi Ma’in, Zara & Mujib Water Treatment & Conveyance System

Owner: Ministry of Water & Irrigation/ Water Authority of Jordan.

Location: Dead See Area Up to Northern Amman.

Commissioning date: February 2006.

Project value: 135 Million US$ (USAID Financed).

Contractor: Joint Venture of M/S The Morganti Group Inc. and M/S Infilco Degremont Inc.


The Ministry of Water and Irrigation/ Water Authority of Jordan of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is implementing a project to supply fresh water to the capital city of Amman.

MWH Americas Inc., previously Harza Engineering Company, in association with Consolidated Consultants, Amman, has been retained to develop conceptual and preliminary designs and prepare Contract Documents for Design/ Build/ Operate Contracts for several components of the Project titled “The Wadi Ma’in, Zara and Mujib Water Treatment and Conveyance Project”.


The Wadi Ma’in, Zara and Mujib, Water Treatment and Conveyance Project involves taking water from Wadi Ma’in, Zara Springs and the Mujib Project, subjecting the combined flows to treatment, including desalination, and conveying the treated water to the existing National Park Pump Station Site in southern Amman. From this point, treated water will be distributed to Amman residents for Municipal, Commercial and Industrial uses. Up to eight million cubic meters per year of the treated water will be conveyed through a separate pipeline to hotels near the Dead Sea at a later date.

The project consists of the following major components:

  1. The Raw Water Supply System; which includes the flow interception systems at the three sites and the conveyance facilities along the northeastern shore of the Dead Sea, to deliver the water to a raw water reservoir at the desalination plant. The raw water collection and conveyance facilities are to be designed and constructed by others under separate contracts. Operation and Maintenance of the raw water facilities may be included in this contract.
  2. The Water Treatment Plant and the Treated Water Conveyance System including:
  • Treatment/ desalination plant that may either use reverse osmosis process or an alternative acceptable process together with pre and post treatment facilities and intermediate pumping systems as appropriate.
  • 40 km pipeline from the desalination plant to the National Park Reservoir site in Amman including cathodic protection and surge control systems.
  • Five major pumping stations constructed in series along the pipeline to lift the treated water from the desalination plant to the National Park Pump Station site in Amman. Each pump station will include a ground storage reservoir.
  • Additional intermediate reservoir at a high point near Na’ur some 7 km before the National Park site.
  • New pump station at the existing National Park Reservoir/Pump Station Site
  • Integrated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for all project systems and facilities.
  • 6-km pipeline to deliver the reject brine/ washout waste from the treatment plant to the Dead Sea

Power supply to all project facility sites will be implemented by EDCO (Electricity Distribution Company) and JEPCO (Jordan Electric Power Company).


Under three separate contract agreements, TECO has been contracted for the coengineering, design, supply, supervision of installation and the commissioning of the MV and LV Distribution and Control equipment as follows:

  • First contract, TECO has been awarded the contract form M/S The Morganti Group Inc., for the 6.6KV medium voltage distribution and reactor starter type pump starter panel for the six pumping station (6 line ups with total of 12 6.6KV incomers, 5 MV bus-couplers and 25 MV pump starters), battery chargers and battery back-up systems (125VDC for the six pumping station) and dry type distribution power transformers (total of 5 units).
  • Second contract, TECO has been awarded the contract form M/S Infilco Degremont Inc. for the medium voltage 6.6KV distribution panel, battery charger and battery back-up system as well as all the low voltage distribution and control panels related to the process control. The panels include several large rated variable speed drives and soft-starters in addition to traditional starters.
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