Owner : Water Authority of Jordan.
Location : Kafrein (Dead Sea road 15 Km to Dead Sea).
Commissioning date : 2001/ 2002.
Project value : Around 3.5 Million JD (USAID & WAJ Co-Financed).

Project description:

The main aim is to supply fresh water to several hotels along the Eastern shore of the Dead Sea and nearby villages of Suweimeh, Al-Ramah and Jofa, from a number of Artesian wells in Kafrein Village with a rate of 255m³/h.

Due to the poor quality of water from the far-located wells, a water treatment plant has been constructed to provide better quality and safer water supply.

Scope of Work and Equipment Supplied:

TECO’s major role included the implementation of the duties of the ISS (Instrumentation System Supplier) as defined in the project documents in addition to the manufacturing and the supply of the electrical switchgear and control gear
panels including: the design, assembly, testing, installation, commissioning and operation staff training for the following:

  •  3 Autotransformer reduced voltage starters of different ratings for well pumps.
  • 1 Compartmentalized and Withdrawable Motor Control Center (MCC) in the water treatment plant.
  • 1 Master PLC unit located in the water treatment plant with hot redundant configuration and industrial Ethernet connectivity for data transfer of 10/100Mbits/second, with redundant fiber optic modem for connection with other sites.
  • 5 Remote Telemetric Units (RTUs), to control and monitor the far located sites,and wells.
  • 4 Filter Control Consoles to control, monitor and data transfer, the operation and back washing of the sand filter located in the water treatment plant with redundant fiber optical cable architecture connected to the hot redundant master station.
  • SCADA system with 4 process computers, located in the water treatment plant for operator control, monitor, data logging, and alarm handling for the complete project.