Owner : National Chlorine Company.
Location : Al-Mowaqar, 30km from Amman.
Commissioning date : December, 1994.
Project value : JD 14 million.

Project Description:

Production of liquid chlorine and other products.

Equipment and scope:

  • SF6 MV substation, 33KV.
  • 2 Transformers, 800KVA, 33/0.4KV /each .
  • 1 Rectifier Transformer, 2500KVA, 11KA, 33/0.4KV.
  • 1 Rectifier system, 220/110 VDC, 11KA.
  • 1 Set of rectifier Cu-busbar system, 11KA.
  • 130 Local field control panels for different drives and consumers.
  • Set of cable ladders, trays and accessories.
  • Low voltage main and sub-distribution panels.
  • Set of cable ladders, trays and accessories.- Cabling system for power, control, Automation, and signaling cables.
  •  Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of all of the above items including the interfacing to FoxBoro DCS control system.