Owner : Jordan Valley Authority.
Location : Mujib.
Commissioning date : 2003/2004
Project value : Around 9 Million JD.

Project description:

Mujib contract-D consists of one upstream reservoir, two downstream reservoirs and one pumping station close to the upstream reservoir, the pumping station is divided into two groups of pumps to pump water from the upstream reservoir to the receiving reservoirs using separate pump group for each of the receiving reservoir.

The upstream reservoir is located in Sammar and is called Sammar collector reservoir, the reservoir is divided to two sections called Sammar reservoir section A, and Sammar reservoir Section B.

The downstream reservoirs are called Feifa 1/2 and Feifa/Khanzera, located 5 Km and 10.5 Km along the pipeline, respectively.

The pumping Station is located in Sammar close to the upstream reservoir and is called Sammar pumping station. The pumping station is divided to two pump groups; PS-1 group which pumps water to Feifa/Khanzerah reservoir and consists of three medium voltage pumps and PS-2 which pumps water to Feifa 1/2 reservoir and consists of three medium voltage pumps.

Scope of Work and Equipment Supplied:

TECO’s major role included the implementation of the duties of the ISS to supply PLC based control, automation and telemetry system, and a PC based SCADA system in addition to the manufacturing and the supply of the low voltage and
Medium Voltage electrical switchgear and control gear panels including: the design, assembly, testing, installation, commissioning and operation staff training for the following:

  • 3 Autotransformer reduced voltage starters of 150 KW, one for each pump.
  • 3 Medium voltage direct on line starter, one for each medium voltage pump,integrated with the plant medium voltage distribution panel.
  • 1 LV distribution panel.
  • Three battery charger systems for redundant power supply.
  • One packaged substation.
  • 1 Master PLC system configured as hot standby PLC pair.
  • 6 PLCs, one for each pump starter panel.
  • 2 PLC based Remote Telemetric Units (RTUs), to control and monitor the downstream reservoirs.
  • One redundant fiber optic ring Ethernet network, to link the master station with the remote reservoirs.
  • SCADA system consists of two server configured as duty and standby and running in hot standby mode, with addition to two graphic client workstation and one database server to calculate sophisticated demand flow set-point calculation report generation and alarm handling.