Waste Water Treatment Plant In Shidia Mines – SCADA Overview

Waste Water Treatment Plant In Shidia Mines

Planning, design, supply and commissioning of all electrical equipment and SCADA system of a biological wastewater treatment plant with sludge treatment.

The great minds of TECO Engineers worked together to produce an Advanced SCADA system that is built on Siemens WinCC Advanced and completely executed in 2022.

3D Panel Design Evolution

TECO GROUP continuous development of Panel Design have led to the introduction of 3D Panel Design inline with Industry 4.0 evolution.

TECO Group celebrating 40 years anniversary

TECO Group celebrating 40 years anniversary

Tafila Pumping Station – SCADA Overview

Rehabilitation of Muwaggar PS and Wells – SCADA Overview

This project included interface works with Greater Amman SCADA System (GASS) Project which was executed originally by Telvent & Jundi Electrical Industry Joint Venture more than a decade ago. S7-1200 PLCs, WinCC Flexible, OPC Server for GPRS were all integrated together in this project.

APC Expansion and Optimization Solar Ponds – SCADA Overview

In this project, TECO employed a new SCADA System for controlling the Booster Pumps and their associated Seal Water Pump. Wireless System is employed all over the Solar Ponds including harvesters.