Owner : Water Authority of Jordan.
Location : Greater Amman Geographic Area.
Commissioning date : 2010
Project value : 3.4 Million JD.


The objective of this Contract is to implement an integrated SCADA system that will enable the optimization of the management of the water abstraction and distribution systems in Greater Amman.

This will involve the design and installation of a SCADA system and its associated communications infrastructure to approximately 85 designated sites in the Greater Amman district and also the interfacing to the SCADA systems of the Capital Investment Projects in the different locations in Amman.

The proposed SCADA system Scope of Works for Greater Amman shall comprise:

  • A centralized processing and monitoring facility at Dabouq reservoir.
  • An integrated communications network based on UHF radio.
  • Distributed intelligence using microprocessor-based outstations for monitoring, data logging and local process control as necessary.
  • Remote operator consoles. These are to be configured to provide monitoring facilities under normal operation and control under other operating conditions.
  • A building to house workshops, operations units and the SCADA system located at the Dabouq reservoir site.

The control philosophy to be adopted shall be one of a centralized supervisory processing facility with distributed control (by the outstations), i.e. the control centre will not be responsible for the minute-by-minute control of plant.

The control centre will monitor the status of plant and instigate remedial action only when the outstation has exhausted its local contingency programs, and raised an appropriate alarm.

Under normal operating conditions the facilities provided under the existing program operate under local closed-loop arrangements.

For anything other than normal operation it must be possible to transfer control to the Central SCADA Centre