Owner : Arab Potash Company
Location : Ghor Safi
Commissioning date : July 2009
Project value : 3,579,000 JD

Consultant: Joint Venture  HATACH & Dar Al Handasah
Contractor : China International Water & Electric Corp.


The Solar Ponds are the main source of potash for APC. Harvesters located in various ponds harvest and pump raw material through a series of booster pumps. APC Factory is the is the final destination where the raw material will be processed and converted to Potash.

In this project, TECO employed a new SCADA System for controlling the Booster Pumps and their associated Seal Water Pump. Wireless System is employed all over the Solar Ponds including harvesters.

Two control schemes for each motor is available for the operator to choose from:

Automatic Mode: The PLC will adjust the VFD speed according to a setpoint in the SCADA System

Manual Mode: The PLC will take the VFD speed from the operator direct input on the SCADA System.

IP Cameras are distributed in all stations with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Capability and remote monitoring/recording via a dedicated station located in the main control station (S1).

IP camers are also monitored from the stations and the harvesters that they relate to.

Scope of Work:
Scope of work included an Advanced Wireless and SCADA System based on IP Standard.

Starting from the design up to the installation and commissioning of the system which covers a comprehensive control and supervision of erection centers and controlled pumps, power transformers ,and moving objects (harvesters) instrumentation, cameras etc…all over the plants site. Summerised as follows:

A. Integrated automation control with electronic safety and security system for all the stations.

  • Design, supply & install a wireless communication network covering the overall ponds area.
  • Design, supply & install a SCADA system covering existing & new pumping stations, existing & new harvesters.
  • Design, supply & install of wireless video surveillance system covering existing &new pumping stations & new harvesters.
  • Installation of all control instrumentation purchased by the Employer.
  • Testing & commissioning of the above systems.

 B. 33 KV. Overhead line

  •  Survey, design, supply & installation of 33KV. Overhead distribution line as per drawings & specifications.
  • Survey & dismantle the existing overhead line on dikes 4 & 8 between stations S1 & area B as per drawings & specification.
  • Network short Circuit & Protection Study.

C. Electrical Supply and/or installation works.

  • Install, test & commissioning of MV-Electro Centers, VFD Drives & Power Transformers.
  • Supply and install the electrical equipment supplied by the Subcontractor.
  • Engineering, supply, installation & Testing of 33KV, 11KV & Low Voltage Power Cables.
  • Engineering, design testing & commissioning of the above systems & works.

System & Equipments Supplied & Installed Comprise of:

1- PLC Cabinets (14 Units):

  •  Stainless Steel Type Enclosure.
  • Siemens Local HMI Display Based on WinCC Flexible.
  • S7-300 PLC with Profibus-DP and Profinet Interface.
  • Surge Arrestors.
  • Interface Relays.
  • Pressure Type Terminals.
  • Enclosure Fan/Filter.
  • Enclosure Heater.
  • Enclosure Internal Light W/ Socket.

2- IP Camers (10 Units):

  • Bosch IP Cameras (Germany).
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Capability.
  • IP67 Rated for Harsh Environment.
  • Web Based Control/Configuration.
  • Remote Viewing via Software.

3- Wireless Routers (14 Units):

  •  Microwave based Point to Point and Point to Multipoint.
  • IP67 Rated for Harsh Environment.
  • High Speed 54Mbps.

4- Fire Alarm System (14 Units):

  •  Notifier (Honeywell).
  • Remote Monitoring via interface to SCADA System.
  • Horn/Strobe rated for harsh environment.

5- Over Headline 33KV:

Scope included design, installation, termination and put into full operation of about 15KM of 33KV Conductor.

6- Airguard Cabling:

Installation of First-Seen-In-The-Region type cables in many places (Direct Burried).

This included the usage of special drum carrying unit (Designed by TECO).

7- Instrumentation Installation & Cabling:

Scope included installation of instrumentation supplied by APC, termination of cables to PLC Panel and Put to full operation.