SecoGear™ up tp 40.5kV Metal Clad Switchgear

SecoGear™ metal clad switchgear is designed and manufactured with advanced technology and has been comprehensively and successfully type tested by KEMA.
SecoGear™ switchgear is typically used in power plants, substations and suitable to provide control and protection for transformers, capacitors and motors.
The rated voltage of SecoGear™ is 12kV – 24kV- 40.5kV and rated current ranges from 630A to 4000A (4000A has force cooling).

All SecoGear™ with switching device are equipped withSecoVac vacuum circuit breaker with corresponding specifications.

SecoGear™ switchgear is designed for indoor applications, and is particularly suitable for applicationsin industry, mining, oil and gas and infrastructure.

SecoGear™ is designed, assembled and tested to meet or exceed applicable IEC and GB/DL standards


  • SecoGear™ is an air insulated switchgear with compact design
  • SecoGear™ is safe and reliable for universal indoor applications
  • Designed with full segregation of its breaker compartment and equipped with embedded pole SecoVac Plus vacuum circuit breaker
  • Cable compartments with ample space for ease of power cable connection
  • Guaranteed arc-proof unit
  • Tested in accordance with the international standards
  • Front panel features easy operation and low maintenance
  • SecoGear™ has a reliable interlocking system to prevent miss operation and to improve safety